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Once upon a time a Serpent stole immortality from Man, thus depriving him of  the privilege of God. Therefore he was doomed to wander eternally in search of longevity and health. To console himself and his descendents, he left it to them as a vow, which has continued to this day.

For centuries the magicians cooked up miracle-making elixirs, jealously hiding all their writings and formulas, which then disappeared together with them: under the veils of time and in the mist of secrecy, not knowing that the greatest secret – the real true treasure – lies in Nature, in its fruits and beauties, in the harmony of the earth, the sun, air and water. The treasure that has never been hidden but given to all of us.

The only thing we could do is to open our senses: to be able to see, to feel, to use and respect it properly, just as George Mateljan does. He is a world-wide known expert for healthy diet, who has travelled almost the whole world in search of the healthiest foods. His research has revealed a most surprising result-  that almost all of the world s healthiest foods have always grown in his homeland – right within his reach! The organically-grown whole-grained food, originating from the ecologically clean environment, just like his homeland, contains all the ingredients necessary for excellent health. It is a genuine miracle-making elixir for health and long life.

Moreover, it is not only the healthiest, but also the tastiest food in the world. Owing to bad eating habits, most people have forgotten the sophisticated, unique taste of naturally-grown integral food, which simply cannot be compared to the taste of any ordinary, modified, non-organic food. Just come and try yourself… bring back the lost taste from your childhood, the innate ability to unmistakably know what is best for you!

Furthermore, George Mateljan’s homeland is not just a treasure box of the healthieast food; it is also one of the most beautiful and pleasant places to live.

The mild Mediterranean climate with the abundance of sunshine, the crystal blue sea with numerous islands and islets, the picturesque fishermen villages, the unforgettable landscapes… make this place one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Long ago the Serpent stole the Paradise from Man, but in a hurry and self-satifaction forgot to grab this small part of it. Here it is! Just come and see for yourself!

The age of the old magicians who did not want to share their findings is over! George Mateljan wants to share his knowledge and rich experience with everyone. He is just like the nature itself – ready to share his treasure unselfishly and help people. By choosing the healthy diet, and with the new way of valuing both life and the world around us we do not only change our physical but our spiritual aspect as well. Besides the physical health, it will bring us satisfaction and balance which, in this hurried rhythm, are too difficult to gain but too easy to lose.

So, let us join together and discover how beautiful Life can be! Let us leave the trodden path behind an start the new yourney! The yourney to health – the safest and the most valuable one!

Let us sail on together!

World Healthies Foods Cruise