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World’s Healthiest Foods

Mediterranean organic foods from Dalmatia (George Mateljan’s homeland)-these are really the world’s healthiest foods!

Join us on this sailing adventure across George Mateljan’s homeland and discover unique flavour of the world’s healthiest foods!

In his book “The World s Healthiest Foods” George Mateljan sorted out a hundred healthiest foods. Even 87  out of them can be found in his (as well as our) homeland.They have always been growing here and are priceless for all of us. We are trying to share this real treasure with you. All the foods served during this cruise have been grown organically on the strictly certificated ecological farms. They have been picked and freshly prepared for you according to the original George Mateljan’s recipes in the healthiest way in order to preserve all their most valuable nutritive ingredients and their exquisite taste.

Let food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food!

The ancient Greek doctor Hippocrates said this sentence 2500 years ago, but it is actual today, perhaps even more than ever before. The results of the scientific researches on the relation between food and good health confirm daily the wisdom of this sentence. We think it is very important to transfer these findings to a larger number of people in order to enable them to apply the knowledge in their every day life. George Mateljan’s contribution to these findings is enormous indeed. He systematized all the relevant scientific ideas from the field in his book „The World s Healthiest Foods“ and turned them into a number of useful and practical pieces of advice, nutritional and health-related at the same time. A lot of it can be learnt and tried out during our journey, so you can get the answers to some important questions:

  1. Why is organically grown food so important for our health?
  2. Which is the healthiest way of preparing food?
  3. How to avoid toxins and to detoxify the body?
  4. Why is unspoiled Nature the main precondition to our health? How to keep natural balance and at the same time satisfy our needs? We are offering some solutions such as permaculture.
  5. How to grow our own food in our garden? Why is the work in the garden so beneficial to our health but gives us much more than good health itself?

Our offer consists of four elements:

  1. The world’s healthiest foods
  2. Holistic health-related program
  3. Cruising in George Mateljan’s homeland
  4. Our luxurious ship
World Healthies Foods Cruise