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We are offering  an unforgettable cruise on our luxurious  boats  during which you will discover a unique harmony  of health and beauty in the homeland  of George Mateljan. We are completely confident  that the experience from the cruise will positively change your perspective  on health and improve the qualitiy of your life.

George Mateljan was born in Croatia. Precisely  in the southern region of Croatia called Dalmatia. Dalmatia is usually divided into three parts: the southern Dalmatia, northern Dalmatia and central Dalmatia.

Center of Southern Dalmatia is the city of Dubrovnik and that is why we named the route heading towards the southern Dalmatia, Route Dubrovnik. Center of northern Dalmatia is the city of Zadar and therefore we have named the route heading toward northern Dalmatia, Route Zadar. Center of Central Dalmatia is the city of Split and therefore we named the route leading towards the central Dalmatia, Route Split. Split is also the largest and most important city of Dalmatia, furthermore, it is the birthplace of George Mateljan. We believe that all who come to Dalmatia simply must visit this extraordinary city. And for this reason, all routes start in Split.

  1. Route Dubrovnik

  2. Route Split

  3. Route Zadar

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