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Our values

If we would have to sum up all that is important to know about us in just one sentence, we would say this:

We are happy people, deeply grateful to God for the gift of enabling us to live in this magnificent part of the world – George Mateljan’s homeland Dalmatia – and we want to share our experience and happiness with you!

Neverthless, we hope you would not mind if we mentioned something more about ourselves.

Our homeland

Deep emotinal connection with our homeland, awareness of its breathtaking beauty and the great health potential it has, have determined our ways in life, linked us and  inspired us for cooperation. Those are the values we want to promote and bring closer to the rest of the world trough our tourist offer.


Health is the greatest wealth. Our main aim is to inspire any individual to start thinking about health while he is still fit and able to do something for himself. True health is not merely the absence from illness,it is much more than that. Good health means the fullness of life energy and joy growing daily. Truly healthy people burst with energy and health,they are very active and with many wishes but at the same time strong enough to make them come true without been overwhelmed or completely exausted by making compromises with health principles. In order to achieve this objective,we feel free to offer some important pieces of advice and instructions on how to improve your health;moreover,you can try out everything during our journey. We hope you will find them acceptable and apply these in your everyday  life after our journey is over. Just do something for yourself-present yourself with a newly acquired knowledge which might change your life.This is the gift of knowledge we find purpose in and consider it valuable to commit  to it our lifetime and energy.

Connection with Nature

We feel close to every man that respects Nature and its laws. We can understand him excellently regardless the language he or she speaks and the country he or she comes from.

About us

We are a team comprised of young, ambitious experts with diverse profiles. We live in Split, hometown of George Mateljan and we decided for joint collaboration  as we found interconnection in the same lifetime values. Profound emotional connection with our homeland and consciousness of its supreme beauty and great health related potential  has determined our path. These are just the values we want to promote and bring closer to the rest of the world  through our  tourist offer .

That is the main reason for us to cooperate lately with the owners  of  a few luxurious ships  from Krilo Jesenice; small town and one of the most  renowned  centers of nautical tourism  in Dalmatia-Croatia (homeland of George Mateljan). Quality of service on these ships is very good-reliable crew, entertainment programms, beautiful destinations- but we wanted to go a step further and rise service to a higher level according to supreme health related potentials of our homeland. Thus we designed a special holistic program, unique in this area to enhance  our guests health and life quality while enjoying their time with us. George Mateljans ideas play an unavoidable part of it. Moreover, we practise in our own life whatever you can find and try in our programme. We are following George Mateljan’s advice as regards health and trying to live in acordance with everything that nature offers in our beautiful homeland. In short, we are trying to live in harmony with nature as much as we can,because it is the only way to healthy, reasonable life and happyness. Not only do we want to enjoy it ourselves, we also want to share it with you.

George Mateljan Center of Exellence in Split

We closely cooperate with George Mateljan Centre of Exellence in Split. Centre of Exellence was founded in  September  9th 2007. and represents a beautiful giftof George Mateljan to the residents of his hometown. It came as a result of several years of cooperation between Healthy City Association(civil society association)  and George Mateljan Foundation for the World’s healthiest foods,Seattle,Washington,USA. The Center of Excellence organizes many lectures, cooking workshops and counseling  to educate the citizens, as well as a great number of appearances on the radio, television and in the press. Centre of Exellence contributes Split (as well as the whole Croatia) to become happier and healthier place to live.

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